LulaBloc buckle holder (2) 2 packs


  • Safe and secure. The LulaBloc maintains all natural movement of the buckle while simply preventing it from flopping away! What if your child could find their seat belt 5 seconds faster to be able to get out in the event of accident? Couldn’t that save your kids life? We think so.

The LulaBloc is one of the most useful booster seat travel accessories ever made. They fit over the rear seat belt buckles with ease and keep the buckle up and next to the seat. Stop searching between the seats and stop searching under the booster for that pesky buckle. Prevent the floppy buckle and get the LulaBloc.

LulaBloc FAQ’s

  • Soft and flexible! The soft flexible material of the LulaBloc seat belt buckle holder ensures that it wont damage the upholstery or hurt when sliding across!

Safe and secure. The LulaBloc maintains all natural movement of the buckle while simply preventing it from flopping away!

  • Make life easier. You can buckle up your kids without this product. But why would you? Why would you want to argue with your child over who buckles who. Or deal with the floppy buckle. Get the LulaBloc and get going.
  • Independence. Give your child the independence they crave. They want to buckle themselves but it pushes down or flops away. Not anymore. Now they can do it, and you can get going.

Will these fit my car?

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Have these been crash tested?

What are the differences between the black and orange?

Will Most likely. These fit most vehicles. However, it is 100% risk free. If they do not fit we will refund you in full.

Hundreds of test make up crash testing. We go through mobility testing to ensure the buckle maintains all natural movement and does not change the functionality of the buckle in any way.

Will The orange are stiffer. They still work. However, the black are much softer and much easier to get on. If space is an issue or if you have larger buckles we suggest going with the black.

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